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Vim Syntaxic Coloration for demmio files

Authored by pmoreau on Sep 30 2015, 11:36 AM.
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F11156: Vim Syntaxic Coloration for demmio files
Sep 30 2015, 11:36 AM
" Vim Syntax File
" Language: Demmio
" Maintainer: Pierre Moreau <>
" Latest Revision: 22 February 2015
if exists("b:current_syntax")
" Read the demmt syntax to start with
runtime! syntax/demmt.vim
unlet b:current_syntax
syntax match demmioRegister '\<\u\(\(\u\|\d\)\?\(_\(\u\|\d\)\)\?\)\+\>' contained
syntax match demmioDetailFlag '\<\u\(\(\u\|\d\)\?\(_\(\u\|\d\)\)\?\)\+\>' contained
syntax match demmioKey '\<\u\(\(\u\|\d\)\?\(_\(\u\|\d\)\)\?\)\+\> ='me=e-2 contained nextgroup=demmioEqual skipwhite
syntax match demmioNumber '\d\+' contained
syntax match demmioOtherValue '\<\(\(\u\|\d\)\?\(_\(\u\|\d\)\)\?\)\+\>' contained
syntax match demmioAddress '\<\(0x\x\+\)\+\|\(\d\+\)\>' contained
syntax match demmioDetailRest '\<\(0x\x\+\)\+\|\(\d\+\)\>' contained
syntax match demmioEqual '=' contained nextgroup=@demmioValue skipwhite
syntax cluster demmioDetailPair contains=demmioKey,demmioEqual
syntax cluster demmioDetailElement contains=@demmioDetailPair,demmioDetailFlag,demmioDetailRest,demmioNumber
syntax region demmioValueDetail start="{" end="}" contains=@demmioDetailElement
syntax region demmioValueDetail2 matchgroup=Delimiter start="{" end="}" contains=@demmioDetailElement
syntax cluster demmioValue contains=demmioAddress,demmioOtherValue,demmioValueDetail2
syntax region demmioPart start='\<\u\(\(\u\|\d\)\?\(_\(\u\|\d\)\)\?\)\+\>\(\.\|+\|\[\| \(=\|<\)\)' end='$' transparent contains=demmioRegister,demmioValueDetail,demmioAddress
syntax match demmioCard1 '^\[0\]'
syntax match demmioCard2 '^\[1\]'
syntax region demmioMem8 start='^.\{-}MEM8' end='^\(.\{-}MEM8\)\@!' fold transparent
syntax region demmioMem32 start='^.\{-}MEM32' end='^\(.\{-}MEM32\)\@!' fold transparent
syntax region demmioFb32 start='^.\{-}FB32' end='^\(.\{-}FB32\)\@!' fold transparent
syntax region demmioRamin32 start='^.\{-}RAMIN32' end='^\(.\{-}RAMIN32\)\@!' fold transparent
syntax match demmioWrite '\<W\>'
let b:current_syntax = "demmio"
highlight def link demmioRegister Structure
highlight def link demmioDetailRest Comment
highlight def link demmioDetailFlag Identifier
highlight def link demmioKey Label
highlight def link demmioAddress Number
highlight def link demmioNumber Number
highlight def link demmioOtherValue Special
highlight def link demmioCard1 Todo
highlight def link demmioCard2 Error
highlight def link demmioWrite Underlined

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