[Nouveau] Towards OpenCL/Cuda Support, Part 3

Written by pmoreau on Dec 30 2016, 12:16 AM.

Wow! I hadn’t realise that the last update was already almost a year ago… One day I’ll manage to do frequent and regular updates.
Without further due, let’s delve into the the news!


[Nouveau] Towards OpenCL/Cuda Support, Part 2

Written by pmoreau on Dec 30 2015, 4:35 PM.

My initial and last post on the subject was almost half a year ago, day for day. But this silence didn't meant the project had stalled and I did make some progress! (Well, not as much as what I initially hoped, to be honest.) Somewhere around mid-September or mid-October I did manage to get the following kernel (from Tom Stellar's OpenCL examples) to run witout Nouveau complaining and to return the expected value:


[Nouveau] Towards OpenCL/Cuda Support, Part 1

Written by pmoreau on Aug 7 2015, 5:49 PM.

About a month ago, I replied to a thread on the Nouveau Mailing List announcing that I would be working on different tasks in order to bring OpenCL/Cuda support to Nouveau. A few days later, I ran away… to Japan for some (quite needed) vacations. Before leaving, I had started working on a first task though: parsing SPIR-V binaries. It was able to parse the SPIR-V header instructions, constants and the different types declarations, nothing major and the code was horrible (well, it still is).

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